Welcome to the TrustBelt

The only event of its kind focused exclusively on the redevelopment of the former US Rust Belt, this prestigious conference brings together the corporate decision makers, site consultants and economic development agencies who make location decisions so vital to this region. No other event offers you access to these leaders all in one place.


CEOs, site selection consultants, economic development leaders and other economic analysts and experts will come together to discuss the economic resurgence and vitality of the Midwest region.


Panels will focus on key investment-attraction issues such as:

  • How to create smart cities and intelligent communities and leverage their unique brand to attract and retain investment and talent
  • How innovation and new technologies are driving the future of manufacturing
  • The differences between the generations – tech savvy to tech reliant – and how smart cities will enable innovation
  • Integrated workforce development programs ensure retention
  • How the Midwest stacks up in overall economic competitiveness
  • Which industries are most likely to grow as manufacturing returns to the Heartland?


You are an integral part of the very important dialogue that will help propel the Midwest through the coming decades. This is a can’t-miss economic forum for anyone with an interest in the Midwest’s, or the United States’, economic future.