Shattering Expectations: The Re-emergence of a Region

August 7th – 9th, 2016 — Chicago, Ill


  • “Congratulations on facilitating one of the best conferences I have ever attended! Kudos on the timely content and the multiple interactions with so many outstanding thought leaders. I appreciate the overall value this conference continues to bring to my business.”

    —J.J. Johnston, CEO and Managing Director, Econogine LLC

  • “There are a lot of real estate focused events, but this is one of the few good events for economic developers. I found the content very up-to-date and informative.”

    —Jeff Troan, Vice President of Economic Development, Lockheed Martin

    “I had a wonderful time at the TrustBelt Conference. I have much to share with my colleagues.”

    —Marlena M. Bandurski, Manager of Economic Research, The Greater Des Moines Partnership

  • “The Trustbelt Conference is truly one of a kind – the focus on manufacturing that is core to the North America economy was informative and inspiring. I am looking forward to next years’ conference!”

    —Jim Winter, National Director, Industrial Services, Cresa Industrial Services

    “Great conference in Columbus. We were proud to be a sponsor.”

    —David Maahs, CEcD, Executive Vice President of Economic Development, The Greater Des Moines Partnership

  • “The TrustBelt Conference was more than a typical “show and tell” event but a true nexus for those who know that the values and benefits of the Midwest are perfectly aligned with the needs of global investors. This conference should be the start of putting the word “TrustBelt” on the lips of every international investor.”

    —David Iwinski Jr., Managing Director, Blue Water Growth LLC

  • “Conway did a really great job coordinating the TrustBelt conference. I’d definitely attend another event you coordinate.”

    —Josh Beck, Business Partnership Director, Blue Water Growth LLC

    “Thank you for hosting me at TrustBelt! Not only did I get a few leads, I got some great information and met some wonderful contacts!”

    —Alex Metzger, President, Next Move Group

  • “Conway’s TrustBelt Conference provided the perfect environment for collaboration on many fronts. The outcome of this conference was truly an enhanced understanding of emerging opportunities and guidance on preparing to hone in on attracting new investment. Through guidance and leadership from participants, the region will undoubtedly change national perceptions.”

    —Courtney Dunbar, Site Consultant & Economic Development Leader, Olsson Associates

  • “The conference exceeded my expectations. The speaker and panels were well prepared, informed and thought provoking. I took away a great deal of useful information and talking points. In fact, I hosted a meeting last week for a group of the St. Louis region’s most active economic development organizations and I used facts and concepts from the conference to stimulate thought and conversation. It was a very robust discussion. I would recommend the conference to all Midwest economic develop groups and I plan to attend next year’s conference.”

    —Jim Alexander, Vice President of Economic Development, St. Louis Regional Chamber

  • “States across the Midwest are leading an economic resurgence and businesses are starting to notice. The TrustBelt Conference is the perfect venue to bring together business leaders, local and regional organizations and state officials to showcase the innovative approach we’re taking in Ohio to help fuel job creation and economic development.”

    —Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, Ohio